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Illamasqua MakeupWhen it comes to Boxing Day/January sales, Illamasqua always have a pretty impressive selection on sale and one of the best offerings out there during the sales. This year was no different and of course in no time I was back on that Illamasqua website searching for the best bargains. I picked up a few products all of which were at least 50% off  with a couple in the 60% off bracket! So if you were left a little disappointed regarding the post-Christmas sales this year then Illamasqua is the your best bet for a pretty darn good beauty bargain!

The first thing I picked up is one of the powder blusher duos in the shades Katie and Ambition. I am already a big fan of the Illamasqua blushers with a couple in my stash that I regularly use although this was my first time trying the powder formula. Both shades are super pigmented and require a light hand when applying. The formula is quite powdery but not overly so that it appears on the skin. The shade Katie is a pretty soft matte blue toned pink which does remind me a little of Benefit Dandelion. Ambition is a shimmery neutral pink which isn’t too far off Nars Orgasm. This neat little compact also only set me back a very decent £10.20 rather than the usual £22.50 price tag.

Another super bargain I got my hands on was one of their Matte Lip Liquids in the shade Surrender. I think 2016 will become the year I get totally hooked on liquid lipsticks. I am currently on the hunt to try out pretty much every liquid lipstick on the market so I couldn’t turn this sweet deal down! From £18.50 down to £7 it was no surprise I had this on my radar. I haven’t actually tried this shade out yet but it is a gorgeous peachy pink colour that will look beautiful come Summer!

Illamasqua Swatches

An Illamasqua product I had wanted to try for a while is their Vintage Metallix eyeshadows. I was pretty happy to see a couple of shades reduced down to £8.50 so I picked up the very pretty Courtier shade. Courtier is a gorgeous creamy beige-y nude shade with shimmer running through it so it makes a pretty nice base for other eyeshadows or all over the lid itself for a simple but pretty look.

Lastly, I have heard a lot about Illamasqua lipsticks but I wasn’t particularity sure where to start! With a little selection of lipsticks half price, I had to pick one up! I finally picked one of their Glamore Satin lipsticks in the shade Soaked, a gorgeous bright orange-y red. Last Summer I became a little obsessed with this colour as it just adds a more summery vibe to a basic red so I can’t wait to crack this one out come the warmer months. Again I haven’t tried this yet but I am sure I will update you later on this one!

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14 thoughts on “Illamasqua Haul

  1. Their sale is amazing! I was browsing the site the other day… I do already own all the sale items that I would want so I didn’t end up getting anything. I’m so glad you got the Katie and Ambition blush duo – I wanted Katie for the longest time and I ended up loving Ambition more! 🙂
    Glamore Satin lipsticks are AMAZING. I’ve heard bad things about Illamasqua’s regular lipsticks (dry, patchy) but the Glamore formula is smooth and pigmented (I have 3 shades: Starkers, Minx and Cherub). The shade you got is BRIGHT! 😮
    You know I’m a massive Illamasqua fan and I’ll complain every time that it’s no longer here in Canada! 😦

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    • I know the sale is so good! They are pretty darn generous! Katie and Ambition are both so gorgeous! I have been using them constantly recently, I think I prefer Ambition too! So pretty! The lipsticks look so nice! I can’t wait to try this one out but yeah it is super bright haha! Good one for Summer anyway! That sucks so much you can’t get it anymore in Canada! Hope they come back to you!

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