My Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection… so far

Makeup Geek EyeshadowsAs soon as I heard Makeup Geek hit the UK I had to try out their well hyped eyeshadow range. I have heard nothing but raves about these affordable eyeshadows from all the US gals on Youtube/blogs etc including Jaclyn Hill who I can always trust for makeup recommendations! Over the last month, I have picked up 9 shadows from the range alongside a Z palette to fit them all into. For those in the UK, Makeup Geek is available via Beauty Bay and comes in at £4.95 per single shadow and £7.95 for foiled shadows which is pretty decent particularly compared to the price of Mac eyeshadows! So here is the start to my hopefully soon full Makeup Geek palette!

In order from first row to second (same with swatches..)

Shimma Shimma

This is the perfect inner corner highlight shade. A gorgeous champagne shade, this is also said to be a good dupe for Stila Kitten .

Peach Smoothie

Not a shade I would typically go for but when Jaclyn Hill raves you gotta go with it! A light, peachy shade which is gorgeous as a base colour and into the crease to really give a little warmth to your eyes. It also has a pretty amazing name!

Prom Night 

A gorgeous lilac grey shimmer shade that looks beautiful all over the lid as a sheer wash of colour or built up more intensely.


One of my favourite shades, an easy wearable light brown shimmer that is an essential in everyone’s eyeshadow collection

Taupe Notch

A medium brown taupe shade with slight shimmer running through it that looks gorgeous paired with Homecoming.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Swatches


A newer addition to my collection but a easily a stand-out! This is from the foiled range, a gorgeous rose gold which has very impressive pigmentation.


I am forever in love with berry/burgundy eyeshadows despite the challenge they present in trying to make them wearable. Nevertheless I had to add a couple to this palette, Burlesque is a gorgeous shimmery burgundy shade. This shade can be built up to be more pigmented or used as a sheer wash over the lid which makes it a lot more wearable and a little different but still simple enough for everyday wear.


Showtime is very similar to Burlesque although this shade is a foiled shadow and the colour is slighty more brown-y red toned. It goes really nicely with Burlesque in the crease and this over the lid for a more shimmery look.


Finally, my last shadow is the darkest one from the bunch and one of the duo-chrome shades. Being duo-chrome, it has a pretty interesting colour, it is descibred as having a ‘black base with copper reflects’ which is pretty accurate as it appears pretty dark on me but there is a slight shimmer running through it. It’s not one I’ve used much so I will definitely need to work with this one a little more!

Overall, these shadows are all super pigmented and so buttery and smooth to blend and work with. The lasting power is one of the best things though as I have very oily eyelids and always suffer from creased and faded shadows before the day is even over but these are so long lasting on me! Definitely a hit and for the price they are so worth it! Any recommendations of what to add to my palette next!?

Are you a fan of Makeup Geek eyeshadows?


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