2016 Goals and 2015 Reflection

2016 GoalsHappy New Year everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely New Years day and enjoyed bringing in 2016! It is hard to believe that we are that stage were we have to start from the beginning and do it all again. How long til Christmas now… I’m kidding but anyway I thought to start the new year I would reflect on my own year of 2015 and look at my goals or resolutions to begin 2016. You may not remember as it’s been a while since I did my 2015 Resolutions post, well pretty much a year ago now but I thought I would look at those goals and whether I achieved them or not and then discuss my new goals!

2015 Reflection

Firstly, I wanted to achieve a more healthier lifestyle, the totally clichéd new years resolution. The year before I did get into fitness a bit with running being my main activity of choice although this failed this year as the Summer weather this year wasn’t too summery! So basically I did fail to get outside as much as I would’ve liked to but I did continue taking up Yoga classes during the year and also tried my hand at cardio workout sessions during summer. I didn’t really achieve this one as much as I would have liked to!

The next two goals were blogging related in the form of improving my overall blog and my photography skills. I have to say I definitely got more into the whole blogging thing this year and comparing my earlier posts to now there is such a big difference. My photography has definitely had a great upgrade, something you can tell from just comparing this post with last years. I also received so many nice comments regarding my photos so thank you, it really means a lot! In terms of my overall blog, I went through a bit of a blog redesign back a few months ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I am now so much happier with the way my blog looks! I also started to change the type of blog posts I did slightly and I am much happier with that than doing single reviews after reviews. I am definitely happy with how much I’ve achieved this goal!

The last two were more personal goals. The first being improving my skincare routine. Despite being a beauty blog, I’ve not really spoke a lot about skincare pretty much because I always felt a bit lost and never had much of a routine. That has definitely changed this year and skincare has became such an importance to me. I am still figuring out my exact routine but I have pretty much nearly nailed it and my skin has never looked better! I also hoped to embrace my wild hair more, this is something I still need to work on though as my hair is still causing me bother. I am sure I will get there, one day!

So basically, it was a bit of a mix but I am pretty happy with how my year went. Also, not mentioned in the goals post but I also passed my driving test this year which obviously was a major achievement for me! As well as that I also got a job so achieving both was a major accomplishment! So onto 2016…

2016 Goals 

  1. Continue to improve my blog – Following on from last year’s goal I want to continue to make progress blogging. I want to continue working on my photography, my blogging style and growing my blog. Like I said last year I also need to get more involved and connect with more people out there in the blogging world!
  2. Get into a more healthier lifestyle – Again another one from last year although I really need to work on this one. I hope to get into a more regular fitness routine by incorporating more yoga into my day to day routine and also starting to get into cardio again and possibly even running come Summer time!
  3. Clear out and Invest – My wardrobe is still something I am working on and I hope to basically have my dream wardrobe this year. I have really took to clearing out over the past year and I now want to really cut out all the unwanted clothes in my wardrobe. By having a clear wardrobe, I want to build my perfect wardrobe by picking up some classic investment pieces. Sounds like a dream but a dream I am working on!
  4. Save regularly – I do like getting quite spendy especially when it comes to beauty products! Although over the last month I have started to properly save by putting money aside for a rainy day! I want to be a lot more stricter with my spending by giving myself a budget each month and regularly putting money away. This way I won’t feel too guilty when I do start spending!

What are your 2016 goals?


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