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NYX Lip Creams and Concealer MakeupNYX are a brand I’ve been desperate to try for so long. They are hugely raved about and their products are pretty darn affordable although sadly for us UK gals the brand was pretty difficult to get a hold of. That of course changed when Feel Unique and Boots became stockists of the brand making it easy for us to try out the well hyped products that we were all missing out on! I have to say I definitely got pretty excited when I seen they were coming over to the UK and I could finally try out those lip creams!

NYX Matte Lip Cream and Concealer SwatchesI picked up four products in total; a concealer and three of those Matte lip creams. Firstly starting with the concealer which is a bit of an unusual one. I picked up the HD Concealer in the shade Green, yes green. Green of course cancels out redness and suffering from a lot of redness on my cheeks I wanted to give this concealer a go. The consistency is quite thick and offers good coverage. The pigmentation is pretty intense as you might see in the swatches above. This for me was a bit of a problem though. It is definitely not a product I recommend for those quick morning makeup routines, this is more for when you’ve got a bit more time on your hands. You really need to work at blending this out to erase any hints of green from your skin cause no one wants to walk out looking like Shrek. It really does need a lot of time to blend out so its undetectable on the skin which is a bit annoying. I also found it sticking to dry patches which isn’t great especially when it is green as it left me with green patches of skin which isn’t nice at all. I am still working on this one but at £5.50 it is not something I will get too upset about!

On to a more positive note, I finally got my hands on those well hyped matte lip creams! I’ve been longing to try these for so long and at a bargain price of £5.50 they are a great little affordable option. In order of the swatches, I got the shade Copenhagen which is the darkest from the bunch. It is the perfect deep plum berry shade great for this time of the year. A more nuder option comes from Stockholm which made an appearance in my November Favourites. It is a gorgeous rosy pink shade great for everyday wear. Lastly, I picked up Prague which is probably the most interesting from the bunch. The shade is a gorgeous fuchsia plum-y shade not too far off the likes of Bobbi Brown Hot Raspberry mentioned in my favourites again. The formula of these are super lovely, as they suggest a soft creamy formula that applies wet on the lips and then dries down to matte finish. They don’t feel drying instead are quite comfortable to wear. They aren’t as long lasting as some other matte formulas but for the price they are pretty darn good enough! I now have my eyes set on Abu Dhabi and London!

Are you a fan of NYX?


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33 thoughts on “Exploring NYX

  1. I didn’t know that Feel Unique carries NYX, thanks for the info 🙂 We already have NYX in Croatia for a while, but some products tend to be more expensive than anywhere else, so I’ll may check Feel Unique, + they have a free delivery 😀

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    • No bother 🙂 They just added it to their website not long ago! Yeah their products were really difficult to get in the UK so super happy to see them on Feel Unique! Yay to free delivery too!


    • Hahaha I know it is a little strange having green concealer especially when you put it on your face! Haha it sits better under makeup so it doesn’t need as much blending which is good but I end up starting my makeup looking like the incredible hulk haha!


  2. I’m not entirely sure but isn’t that green concealer supposed to go UNDERNEATH foundation so it cancels out redness, but won’t look green on the skin? Of course I’m not familiar with the consistency of the product, but I just think correcting concealers always go on the bare skin, before putting on foundation and actual concealer… Might work for you 😉

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

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    • Yeah well I actually just tried doing that the other day and it does work much better! I always thought it would be one for underneath but each time I went to do my makeup I ended up forgetting about it until I put my base on! It doesn’t look green on the skin although just in dry areas it does tend to cling! The consistency is also quite thick which is a bit weird for under foundation but nevertheless the green disappears although I am not fully convinced on how much it is covering my redness! Thanks for the tip anyway Charline!


  3. NYX seems to be expanding quite a bit – they opened a stand-alone store here in Canada a couple of months ago. There’s another one on the way next year (replacing a MAC stand-alone store!) My favourite NYX items so far are their powder blushes. I can’t wait to try more things from them!

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