The Mascara Try-Outs

MascaraIt had been a long time since I tried a new mascara with my trusty Benefit options taking priority. Although that was until I got my hands on three newbies all within the last month, typical eh!? Anyway I thought I would give you a little first impression on them all which includes a cult fave mascara that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on…

Although first up comes from Mac in the form of their False Lashes Extreme Black. I got given this mini sample when I made a little Mac purchase during the month and was rather curious as to how this would perform since Mac don’t really have the best name when it comes to mascara. With a name like ‘False Lashes’ you would expect pretty dramatic lashes although it was actually quite the opposite. I don’t mean that in a bad way but the mascara created a much more natural everyday look which wasn’t really what I expected from the name. The brush isn’t too bad and slightly reminds me of Benefit Bad Gal Lash and the effect is quite similar too. It grips the lashes well and really separates them so I haven’t found any issues with clumping. It really lengthens your lashes and fans them out to look soft and fluttery. As I said it creates a very natural look so doesn’t have much volume or lift to it. It’s a nice one for wearing during the day but nothing I would run out to buy a full size of.

Next up is the mascara of 2015. I would find that a pretty accurate description considering the amount of praise it has received this year. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is one I’ve been desperate to try out for the longest time so I was super happy to see that they released a mini version as part of their holiday collection which gave me the chance to try it out first. Whilst the name is a little shoddy, I adore the metallic pink packaging, how gorgeous! Anyway on to the stuff that matters, the actual mascara. I usually prefer quite fine and small mascara brushes so this one was a bit to get used to as it is pretty chunky. I did find it a slight problem though for the lower lashes so I would suggest using something a little smaller for that. On to the formula though, this does remind me a little of my favourite mascara; Benefit They’re Real although with a little less impact. It holds a curl really nicely and adds a bit of lift to the lashes too so is a nice one for a night time look. A downside though is that I would’ve liked it to separate my lashes better, I think it’s down to the brush but it tends to stick some of my lashes together so for that reason They’re Real sits firmly on top.

Lastly was a little magazine freebie this month, yes I know another one! I’ve wanted to try an Eyeko mascara for a while so I just had to pick this up. This months In Style includes a mini Eyeko Black Magic mascara which promises drama and curl. This reminds me very much of Benefit Roller Lash especially with the similar curved wand. Apologies for all the Benefit comparisons! The wand is a little thicker in comparison but hugs the lashes so nicely and also works well on the bottom lashes. Like Rollerlash, it separates the lashes really well and creates a nice soft curl. It adds a bit of volume too but still looks really natural. A pretty decent mascara overall but again not one I would go running for.

Are you a fan of any of these mascaras?


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14 thoughts on “The Mascara Try-Outs

    • I was actually quite surprised by it! It really isn’t bad at all, its not what I look for in mascara really but its nice enough for a natural look if thats what you’re going for! You should try get a little sample!

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