Clinique Lip Pops

Clinique Lip Pop and Primer Lipstick

Clinique Lip Pop Primer SwatchesIs anyone else feeling the pressure of blog photos under the poor winter lighting!? Apologies for the poor quality photos! Anyway moving on, you may remember a while back I did a post on one of the Clinique Pop Lip and Primer lipsticks and with a pretty darn impressive magazine freebie this month I collected a couple more and thought I would give you all the lowdown. Back early on this year, there was a a lot of buzz regarding the new Clinique launch and the sight of them still gets my heart beating. So obviously I got pretty excited when I seen this months Glamour magazine. In the current issue of Glamour UK, they are giving away a Clinique freebie which is either one of two Clinique Pop lipsticks, a mini moisturiser or mini mascara. Obviously I searched high and low for the two lipsticks picking up the two on offer.

Firstly, I thought I would just mention my original Lip Pop that I already owned, Melon Pop. This is a gorgeous summery coral shade. The formula is super creamy and moisturising although I did have a slight issue with the lasting power as it seemed to disappear off my lips pretty quickly. Despite this little setback I still had high hopes for the other shades in the collection…

There is two shades available as part of the offer in this months Glamour; Cherry Pop and Nude Pop. Both shades are pretty explanatory in shades, Cherry Pop is a gorgeous bright red which makes a great addition to my collection as most of my reds are pretty dark and vampy. Again the formula is beautiful, it feels super comfortable and is so creamy and hydrating. Whilst Melon Pop had a drawback of longevity, this answered my prayers. This shade has a pretty decent wear time and I could imagine being even better with a lip liner underneath. As I expected the dark shades in the range definitely have a much better lasting power!

Lastly, Nude Pop is a gorgeous light nude pink colour which is the perfect everyday shade. The formula is super creamy and the shade has a beautiful sheen to it. Again the lasting power isn’t the best but I would say it is a little better than Melon Pop, I do still really like this shade though!

Are you a fan of the Clinique Lip Pops? 


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24 thoughts on “Clinique Lip Pops

    • I know there has been some great freebies particularly this month! Thats too bad you don’t get the same! Haha it was such a nightmare trying to find the nude shade, every magazine I kept finding was either the mascara or moisturiser so I was pretty darn pleased when I found it haha!

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      • It was such a surprise when i first noticed this UK freebie thing and I have done my fair share of hunting down the right freebie (they had clinique chubby sticks a couple of years ago and I had to have strawberry) 😉 Great feeling when you pull out the magazine with the right one.

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  1. i’m the same with the lighting outside, i’m finding it difficult to take decent photos haha! i love your photos:-) i recently got one of these clinique lipsticks and i love it:-)xxx

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    • I know, real blogger problems haha 🙂 Aw thanks! Hopefully they haven’t be looking too bad lately! They are so good, right! I love the formula, it is so creamy and feels so comfortable! I need more!


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