End Of Year Goals

End Of Year GoalsNo matter how much you tell yourself it can’t be true, 2015 really is coming to an end quicker than we all imagined. It sounds silly, we go through this every year but to think how fast this year has came and nearly gone is pretty scary stuff! I know we all say that we make New Years Resolutions and forget about even making them a month later, I honestly thought about everything I had hoped for in 2015 throughout the year. Whilst I may not tick it all off my list I still appreciated having a list of goals to work through for the year. If you want to remind yourself of my 2015 goals then check them here. Although enough with that as we do still have a matter of time left in 2015. A length of time that shouldn’t go wasted especially with a busy month ahead still to storm through. So I thought I would list a few goals for the time being to ensure I close 2015 as a pretty successful one…

  1. Manage my time more efficiently – Since starting uni again in September I have really let my time management skills slide a little. My blog has been more on the last minute prep and I have had to neglect a lot of the social side of blogging which is rather unfortunate. I am hoping I can manage a better schedule and really set aside time to work on blogging whilst also keeping up with uni work.
  2. Set aside a monthly budget and stick to it – I have to admit I have been a little guilty of getting a little spendy recently. Each time I try to control my spending habits a new beauty product is released that I need or a boosted student discount meaning I have to buy something. At the moment I do have a few things to tick off my shopping list and with Christmas round the corner, its gonna be tricky! Although I do want to keep a better account of how much I am spending and set aside a budget to remind myself how much I really should be spending each month. Hopefully I will be able to save some money and put it aside for a rainy day!
  3. Have a wardrobe clear out – I love a good clear out! Over the last year or two my style has really changed and half the things in my wardrobe I either don’t wear or don’t like. I have accumulated so much clothing over the years and I want to be more strict and build a better wardrobe I am happy with. I will definitely be referring to this post I wrote a while back here and going for quality over quantity.

What are your goals for the end of the year?


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9 thoughts on “End Of Year Goals

  1. Those are all great goals. I always have plans to do a closet clear out but I never manage to get around to it. There are SO many items I haven’t worn in years that I just need to get rid of. 🙂
    I’m still trying to formulate what my makeup budget will be for next year, after my yearlong no-buy… it’s going to be a challenge! 😛

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    • Thanks 🙂 I know, I’ve always been so bad with wardrobe clear outs but I’ve learned to be a little more strict with myself! I am the same, I have so much stuff in my wardrobe that I just never wear anymore! Haha that will be an interesting budget! You must have saved a lot of money though this year!


  2. I’ve just cleared out more than 100 items from my closet and it could not feel better having a half empty wardrobe! Although I’m in the process of putting in a few staple pieces I’m lacking, it it awesome to not have that many clothes I haven’t touched in forever! I started reading the archives of un-fancy.com a few weeks ago and I was totally hooked on the idea of having less! You’ll love your smaller wardrobe! xoxo

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    • I know its such an amazing feeling having a cleaned out wardrobe with all the clothes you actually like and wear! I am so overloaded with clothes at the minute, I really need to cut it down! Ah yes I read a bit of Un-fancy too! I am not really one for a capsule wardrobe type of thing but I am definitely feeling the less is more approach!

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