Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Smoky PaletteWhen I first started getting into makeup, one of my first high end makeup products was the original Urban Decay Naked palette, a palette I still adore to this day. Since then, I have grown my little collection of Naked palettes to complete status well that was until a newbie arrived on the scene. Enter the Naked Smoky palette, the newest addition to the Naked range. Obviously I couldn’t let my collection down and had to purchase this. The palette is complete of dark and smoky shades all fit for the perfect smoky eye whether it be an everyday look or a full on night time smoky eye. Compared to the other Naked palettes, this is up there as one of my favourites and a palette I know I will get a lot of use out of.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky PaletteFirst things first, we have to mention the gorgeous packaging. Without a doubt this is by far the best packaging of all the Naked palettes. The exterior packaging has a hard casing and feels pretty sturdy especially in comparison to the packaging of the original palette. The palette also features a magnetic closure making it easy to open and close as well as an improved top lid which makes the palette open further. The packaging design is also super beautiful, a grey and black smoked out pattern matching the smoky theme of the palette. Also, you can expect to find the usual decent sized mirror inside and also a double ended brush which is actually different to the brush included in the earlier palettes. I tend to stick with using my own brushes but it is nice to find a decent enough brush in a palette that doesn’t include spongy applicators!

Urban Decay Smoky Palette SwatchesI’ve heard a lot of people saying that the quality of this palette doesn’t live up to the other Naked palettes although I can’t really say that I agree. I find the quality of these eyeshadows superb as you would expect. The pigmentation is there, they are super blend-able and they are also pretty long wearing too! I never really found any application problems as the eyeshadows are all a dream to work with. In terms of the shades included in this palette, there is a mix of finishes. With 12 shadows in total, the palette is arranged by finish starting with four shimmers, four satins and four mattes. Rather than arranging the shades by colour I actually prefer the layout in this palette by finish. The shimmer shades are probably my favourites as they are all so gorgeous. A beautiful inner corner highlight followed by warmer toned bronze-y shades which then leads into a selection of cooler toned shades. Whilst I always tend to go for my usual warm shades of browns I have been really liking the cooler toned options in this palette. Despite the intimidation of the smoky eye, all these shades are super wearable which I love and they all don’t have to be reserved for a full blown smoky look. Following the cool toned options are some more smokier dark shades that work a treat at smoking things out a little for a more night time appropriate look. Finally the addition of two lighter toned matte shades which are perfect as a base shade or for highlighting the brow bone. Overall this is gorgeous palette and whilst the smoky eye look isn’t for everyone I do find that this palette offers a full collection of wearable shades that can work from day to night. Another big thumbs up to Urban Decay!

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Are you a fan of the Naked palettes?


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43 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

  1. This palette looks gorgeous! The pigment looks very similar to the others. I have heard people say that it doesn’t live up to the other Naked palettes too but this doesn’t look like it would disappoint! Maybe one to add to my Christmas list 🙂 xx

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  2. Love this !! I have been contemplating on getting this palette since I’ve been recently loving darker shades!☺ I own the naked 1 & 3 and I looooove them! Might snag this one during the sephora sale ;p

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    • Its super gorgeous! I am loving it! Haha I have always been a bit scared of eyeshadow but the more you practice the more better you get! The palette looks a little intimidating but you can get some gorgeous wearable looks from it!


  3. Love the range of cool and warm tones in this palette. The packaging is gorgeous and the swatches look really great quality. Will definitely have to choose between this or the original palettes for christmas: is this one your favorite?

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    • I know there is such a good range of shades! The packaging is so beautiful, definitely the best out of all the others! It is super good quality too! Ooo you’ve left me with a tough question Anne hahaha! As I have just been using this lately I am pretty damn obsessed with it right now but the original one is also incredible! If bronze-y brown-y shades are your thing then go with the original but if you want a bit of a mix then this is a good option!

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