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Blogger enabled purchasesLooking at my entire makeup collection, a very large percentage of it was some way or another enabled by other beauty blogs. Usually every-time I plan on buying a product I turn to other blogs in hope to find out if I should really be spending my money on a certain product. Basically I am a sucker for hype and my collection proves that. I have gathered a small bundle of products that I own that I basically bought because blogger hype. Although as I say this is only a small quantity so if anyone wants a round 2 then let us know! Warning: long post ahead, get a cuppa!

Anyway on to the beautifully hyped products. First up is the base I have been obsessed with lately. BareMinerals launched their Complexion Rescue earlier this year and was soon featured in so many favourites posts of many bloggers/YouTubers. Since I started to find a new love for light coverage bases I had wanted to try this out. This definitely lived up to the hype. Easy to apply, weightless on the skin and the most perfect radiant skin. A favourite of mine for a long time to come! Check my full review here.

Continuing with base products I’ve also got a concealer from Maybelline, namely the Anti-Age Eraser Eye. Now this product got a lot of loving from Anna (Vivianna Does Makeup) and being a drugstore product there was no guilt in picking this one up. Now this concealer was so popular that I couldn’t even get my hands on it for such a long time. I went to every Boots/Superdrug in my city and could not find the shade Light in any of them. It was also sold out online everywhere. Until luckily it came back in stock on Feel Unique and I quickly snapped it up. I bought this concealer for under the eyes as I did have a gap in my collection for a good under eye concealer. Although sadly I don’t think this has filled the gap. The shade range (in the UK anyway) is atrocious. Two shades both of which are too dark for my skin but neither of them are incredibly dark either. So the shade ‘Light’ is basically too dark for me which doesn’t help when trying to lighten up my under eye area. Nevertheless the concealer is ok and I do quite like the spongy applicator which everyone seemed to dislike. Honestly it’s not any bit less hygienic than a doe foot applicator.

Moving on as I realise how long this post is going to become, sorry guys! Back to a bit of product loving. I recently picked up the Body Shop Honey Bronzer which was basically enabled by Estee (Essie Button) who raves about this all the time. This is just such a lovely bronzer. The shade range is perfect. For a pale kid like me it’s spot on. The shade isn’t too muddy or orange on the skin, its just the perfect colour that warms up the skin beautifully. I think this one will become a long time fave!

On to lip products. Two very similar lip liners gained a lot of attention in the blogging world lately. First up the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Eastend Snob, a dusky pink my lips but better shade. Now this got a lot of hype due to its similarities to the also well hyped Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk which also makes my list. The shades are very similar but the Rimmel counterparts edge just that little bit darker. Although If I am honest the CT version pips this to the post by a large margin. I really am not a fan of the Rimmel liner, in fact I’ve hardly used it but have so little product left as it keeps breaking each time I use it. I also much prefer the smoother finish of the CT liner in comparison to the Rimmel one which I find a little too waxy on the lips. Another hyped lip product was the Clinique Lip Pop range that basically every blogger spoke about for weeks on end. A new lip range boasting a moisturising finish with good lasting power and good pigmentation. Basically these were meant to be the top dogs. I picked up the shade Melon Pop, a gorgeous summer appropriate coral shaded pink. The moisture with these lipsticks are definitely there, they feel super comfortable on the lips. Although one thing that does let it down is the lasting power. I have heard better for other shades but this shade in particular doesn’t tend to last very long on the lips which is a shame as it’s such a pretty colour.

Another highly hyped product that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on was one of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks. After seeing Lily Pebbles and Tanya Burr sporting the ‘Misty Rock’ shade on several occasions I couldn’t resist any longer. The mauve-plum-silvery indescribable shade is truly gorgeous and a super unique colour. The formula of this eyeshadow stick is unbeatable. Super smooth and glides easily over the eyes without tugging but with all the colour pigment. See my full review here. I need more!

Finally! Probably the most naivest purchases I could ever make although not regrettable. The Nars Laguna Bronzer and Nars Orgasm Blush are two of the most hyped products around and of course I had to have them for that reason. I bought these two back last year when I first started getting into makeup but honestly I had no idea what I was doing. At that point I probably had no idea what bronzer was for never mind spending nearly £30 on one and a blusher when blush wasn’t really my thing and the shade wasn’t even particularly me either. Although step forward a year and as you can see that bronzer has been well loved although thats because I used it everyday after buying it then when I hit pan I stopped, true story *fear of repurchase*. The blush as well is truly gorgeous, with specks of gold shimmer it really makes your complexion glow and doesn’t sit flat. Even if I never bought them last year then let’s be honest I would probably would have picked them up sooner or later cause hype… ya know.

Did you get sucked into the hype with any of these products?


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60 thoughts on “Blogger Enabled Purchases

  1. Great post! I got sucked in with the maybelline concealer and the Clinique lip pops. I agree with you with the concealer – I too have light and it’s far too dark and orangey for my pale complexion so I’m not a fan. I do love the Clinique pop lipsticks – I have love and bare pop and the darker love pop definitely lasts a lot longer than the bare pop xx

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    • Thanks Em! Yeah the shade range is so bad for the concealer! Yeah it was the same for me, far too dark and orange which is a shame as it could’ve been an okay concealer otherwise! Yeah I really want Love Pop from Clinique and some of their darker shades, they look so gorgeous and I’ve heard the lasting power is better!

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  2. That’s a good point you make about the sponge applicator of the Maybelline concealer – it’s just like a doe-foot applicator! I’ll have to keep that in mind. I really love that concealer and I have mix 2 shades to get a match for myself.
    Oh I have soooo many blogger / youtuber enabled purchases! I also bought the Nars Orgasm blush due to all the raves – unfortunately I don’t like it on me (too glittery). Next year my hauls will be filled to the brim with all manner of enabled items – including from you! 😛

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    • Thanks! Yeah there was a lot of people criticizing it for being unhygienic but there’s not much difference between it in a doe-foot applicator! It seems a pretty decent concealer, its just far too dark for me which is a shame! That’s too bad you didn’t like the Nars blush, I’ve heard a few people say they didn’t like the shimmer! Hahaha I don’t think my blogger enabled buys will ever end! Sorry to be a bad influence hahaha!

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  3. I totally get what you mean, a lot of my purchases are also from bloggers review. I’ve heard a lot great things about the Nars organism blush. I can’t wait to try it out. Great post 🙂

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  4. I got sucked in by the Honey Bronzer, Rimmel lip liner, Clinique lipstick and Maybelline concealer haha I haven’t even opened the concealer yet as I have so many others open at the minute! I find the Clinique lipstick doesn’t last too long on me either but I love the colour!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog


  5. Such a great post! I’d love to try the body shop honey bronze, but I feel like it’s the wrong time of year to be buying bronzer now. My boyfriend brought me back CT pillow talk from his trip to London last week, I think it’s the best lip liner I’ve tried I’m so impressed! Xxx

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  6. hahah you got me love, Ill need one of each now! It’s funny but true so many products ive bought because I’ve heard so many other bloggers talk about them so then I need to try them! great post 🙂 seriously though, i need to try nars orgasm, like i don’t know how ive gone this long without picking it up! and the bare minerals complexion rescue because i hear its amazing!

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    • Hahaha sorry! I know haha! I swear most of my collection has came from me lusting over products since they’ve been mentioned so many times on blogs! Thank you! Nars Orgasm is beautiful! It looks super beautiful and glowy on the skin, I love it! The Complexion Rescue is one of my favourite products from the year I think, it’s just so good! Literally flawless skin in a tube!

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  7. I’m totally the same way (I think we all are!) I own about half of the products you mentioned and the vast majority were bought because of blogger hype! My other blogger-enabled purchases include the Urban Decay Naked Palette and Milani Luminoso blush – both of which I ended up loving!!

    xx Krista

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    • It’s so easy to get sucked into the hype! Yeah I was the same with the Naked palettes too! So much blogger hype there! I also really want to try the Milani blushes but I’ve not yet, they look so nice!


  8. I can totally relate to this. Only most of my purchases were vlogger-enabled. But now that I’ve been on WordPress for quite some time, my to-buy list inspired by posts by the people I follow (you and more) has become longer. Most of my vlogger-enabled purchases were good, though. 🙂 — Jorj from Mad Cherry

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  9. Love this post! Especially Fear of Repurchase (which i feel should be capitalized ;)… I suffer from this as well. I will enthousiastically use a product, but when it is almost empty I start ‘saving it just in case’. Not sure why, but well.
    Great couple of blogger inspired purchases here 🙂

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  10. I’m scared to look at my collection and pick out which ones I bought due to the blogger hype- and more so, how many of those I don’t really use! I also bought Laguna and Orgasm when I first started wearing makeup, and like you I barely used the Orgasm but finished a deluxe size of Laguna. Just thinking about it has inspired me to pull out my blogger hype products. Maybe there will be a post soon!

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