Essie Chillato

Essie ChillatoWhen it comes to nail shades I always prefer going for something a little dark or neutral. Pretty much like my wardrobe eh. Bright colours can sometimes be a little too much and in your face kinda shades but my recent summer love has had me sporting a little colour. Essie Chillato had my heart beating since I first seen it in the line up for the Essie Summer 2015 collection. While the collection had a couple of pretty shades, this pistachio yellow-y green shade was pretty unique and added something different to my collection. The colour is just so perfect, its not too in your face but adds a little splash of colour and a summery vibe to a basic outfit. Yellow nail polishes are something I try to avoid but the paler colour of this makes it super wearable. Of course as you would expect from Essie the formula is also spot on. Long lasting and this shade only needs a couple of coats and you’re ready to go!

P.S Apologies for the shoddy nail selfie, this photo was taken after a double application and a couple of nail breakages. Typical eh!

What’s your go-to summer nail shade?


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