Discovering my Hair-o-Scope with Madison Reed

Hair-o-ScopeNow I am sure that we are all aware of horoscopes but hair-o-scopes, maybe not? Now when it comes to horoscopes, I pretty much believe anything since I am quite the superstitious individual. Scarily enough, I believe a lot of them to be pretty accurate. So how about my hair-o-scope, the hair equivalent of a horoscope? So after hearing about this concept from Madison Reed (a hair colour company), I was rather intrigued as to what my star sign said about my hair and its safe to say I was pretty impressed.

As my birthday falls this month *excited dance* I fall under the ‘Leo’ category. Being a Leo I have the suggested traits of being loyal, ambitious and confident. Most of which I find pretty true. Now I was sent my individual Hair-o-Scope by Madison Reed to see how much it really matches up with my hair. When reading it, I was pleasantly surprised how incredibly true it is. Now if you aren’t already aware, my hair is pretty damn wild. It’s naturally curly and incredibly thick and frizzy. According to my hair-o-scope my good hair day is tousled and untamed. Whilst its also suggested I let my wild side run free. Interesting. As someone who tries to tame my wild hair, maybe I am doing it all wrong?

So maybe its time to embrace the wild side. I’ve always wanted that un-perfect tousled wave look but I have never really went with it so maybe this is trying to tell my something? What do you think? Now if you are interested in finding out your own hair-o-scope then do check out this blog post from Madison Reed here and share below your thoughts, I would love to hear! Also if you are interested in finding your perfect hair colour then also check out this hair colour advisor questionnaire from Madison Reed here. I think its time I picked up a can of texturising spray now…

Do you believe in the Hair-o-Scope?


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