July Playlist

July PlaylistIt’s that time again when I give you all a snippet into the music I’ve been singing along to for the past month. As I’ve probably mentioned for the gazillion-th time I went on holiday this month so it gave me the perfect opportunity to listen to some new music. One album I had been so desperate to listen to in full was Hozier’s album titled Hozier (genius or what!). I had heard Take Me To Church and Someone New a lot and fell in love with his amazing unique voice. I basically had the album on repeat while lounging by the pool on a daily basis and it really is an amazing album. My favourite song has to be In a Week, which also features vocalist Karen Cowley and other favourites include From Eden and Jackie and Wilson. It’s definitely a great album I recommend giving a listen! As well as the soft sounds of Hozier, I also enjoyed some upbeat songs from the likes of Rita Ora, 5SOS and Little Mix. I also reengaged my love for Mumford and Sons by listening to a couple of new tracks from their album which I still need to properly listen to in full but I am loving their sound (as usual).

What did you listen to this month?


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36 thoughts on “July Playlist

  1. I really like Hozier, too! And Little Mix have nice songs,, especially for workout!! The past weeks I’ve been listening to old 90′ songs…I don’t know why, but I think that back then the music was even better!

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