The Summer Base: Topshop BB Cream

Topshop BB Cream ReviewThe BB cream, CC cream and Tinted Moisturiser are all the rage now. I have a feeling there is now also a DD cream and a EE cream? Anyway while everyone was getting excited over the lightweight base, to be honest I wasn’t really. With blemished skin I was always a little feared of touching something very light coverage thinking it wouldn’t quite work for me. However after dabbling in my first use of BB cream I realised how wrong I was.

Enter the Topshop BB Cream, described as a lightweight and flawless finish. Instead of lugging about a glass bottle of foundation on holiday I wanted something a little lightweight both in texture and physically. After a little Feel Unique browse I came across a sweet deal for this BB cream at only £5. Topshop’s beauty line has been hugely popular and hold a few of my favourite makeup products so its safe to say I had high hopes for this cute metallic tube.

Now I am going to start with the more problematic side to this BB cream. Now I am not particularly sure how many shades this comes in but there isn’t the widest variety (it goes with the light-medium-dark range). I picked up the shade Light-medium which is a little too dark for me. Being Summer and sporting a little more colour I can probably get away with this a little more but I do feel like the shade is a little too much on the orange side.

Shade woes aside, this BB cream has a decent SPF 20 which makes it perfect for Summer. It also has a slight sun-cream like scent to it which I love and just reminds me of Summer. Now the coverage in this stuff is where it gets impressive. It really has a good buildable coverage and was very impressive for a BB cream. While the concealer had to come out to play, it still created a good base. It also didn’t feel heavy and it had a slight dewy finish.

You may be aware of my relationship with drugstore foundations/bases but if not then basically we don’t have the strongest bond. I always find that some days they look great and other days not so much, this is definitely the same with this BB cream. Some days it blends beautifully and really creates a flawless finish but other days it feels a little more cakey and as if its sitting on my face. So really with this its a hit or a miss although when it is a hit, it really is a hit!

Are you a fan of BB creams?


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31 thoughts on “The Summer Base: Topshop BB Cream

  1. I agree with Stash Matters: Korean BB Creams are a whole world of their own! Buuuut… if you’re darker or olive toned, then they probably won’t work well for you because they are formulated for light (and I mean light!) skin. I have definitely preferred BB creams every day of the week except special occasion, doll-yourself-up times. 😉

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  2. I have found love for my Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow. It’s a universal shade actually. I got a sample of it in my Birchbox and it’s like the only BB cream that I really love. Though I feel like I should make go back and give my Rimmel one another chance. 🙂 xo

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  3. I’ve been disappointed in american or anything what wasn’t a korean bb cream but this packaging is super cute! The only problem with korean bb creams is that if you’re not fair to light skinned it can be a problem. But if you ever want to try one I recommend Missha since I think they have the widest of colours ranges.

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    • Yeah I keep hearing about the Korean ones but I’ve never tried any! I am very pale skinned though so I don’t think I would have too much trouble with the shade range! Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll definitely need to try out a Korean one now!


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