What’s in my Travel Carry-On Bag?

What's in my Travel Carry on BagI am really getting into all this what’s in my bag stuff as you may tell! Today I thought I would share with you all what I am taking on board my flight as I go on holiday… Today! As you are reading this I will be jetting off to the sunshine! In terms of my blogging schedule I will discuss at the end of the post but anyway here is what is in my travel carry-on bag…

Firstly, I am taking my trusty fave black Topshop tote bag which I just love. Being just a black bag it goes with everything and perfect for a day-to-day basis. It also has some pretty gold detailing on which makes it even more dreamy.

So inside my bag, I of course have a couple of technological gadgets. One being my phone obviously and also my iPad to keep me entertained on the flight. I also have my Beats headphones so I can listen to music (obviously)! I forgot to add to the photo but I will probably have my book too which will be in the form of John Green. I am still not finished reading Looking for Alaska so hopefully I can finish that and then get onto Paper Towns which I want to read before I see the movie.

Other basic essentials, my purse cause duty free is calling my name! Also my Soap and Glory hand sanitizer cause you just don’t know when you might need to give your hands a good wash. My passport obviously or I wouldn’t quite make it to duty free. Finally, my sunglasses cause there is nothing better than getting off the plane to a land of sunshine and popping the shades on! Although having said that last year after leaving the sunny UK and I went to Portugal and landed to buckets of rain so fingers crossed that won’t happen again!

Just to mention in terms of my schedule, I will be missing out a couple of normal posts so posts will resume next week and a couple of those will be scheduled whilst I am away. Apologies if I am slow in responding to any comments! Speak to you all soon!

Are you going off on holiday anywhere?


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