Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Nars Creamy Concealer I gave you the review of my perfect foundation from the makeup gods that is Nars, now it is time to give you my lowdown on the concealer. Similarly to Sheer Glow, I lusted over the Nars Creamy Concealer for so long before biting the bullet and finally picking it up. Likewise, I think I have found another winner.

At £22 it’s a pricey little tube but by far the best I’ve tried (yet). I picked up the shade Vanilla which is the perfect match for me. As suggested by the name, this concealer is super creamy and quite a thick consistency. It offers a really high coverage making it great for blemishes and imperfections. To get the best results for really any concealer you need to have a good base underneath to get that flawless skin result. This concealer works perfectly alongside Sheer Glow, dream duo over here! One thing I always struggle with when it comes to concealer is dealing with the drier areas of my skin. This concealer is just so well suited to my skin, it doesn’t cling on to any dry patches and it doesn’t appear cakey. As I said before the coverage is great and therefore works a dream for me when covering spots and redness. I like to use a sponge with this concealer and it works great by simply patting it onto the skin. I have also found that the concealer lasts pretty good too especially if I do have a good trusty base underneath!

Although when it comes to concealing under the eyes I am afraid this concealer isn’t what I am looking for. As it is really thick and creamy I find it too heavy for under the eyes. I don’t suffer from bad dark circles or discolouration under the eyes so I don’t require as much coverage as some people might. Although I know a lot of people use this for under the eyes so I am sure it is something people will like with this product although just personally not for me.

While the coverage might be too much for my under eyes, it really is the perfect match when it comes to concealing blemishes. The thick and creamy consistency is just what I’ve been looking for to gain the look of flawless skin.

Are you a fan of this concealer?


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47 thoughts on “Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

  1. I read every review of this conceal with great interest because it is one on my wish list! This is a first that I’ve read that it’s too heavy for under the eyes (that’s my primary concern). I really should just have them apply it on me at the store to see how I like it! Great review. 🙂

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    • Thanks 🙂 It is a very popular concealer and for good reason! As I don’t really need a lot of concealer under my eyes, I don’t really want anything too thick so it just doesn’t work for me! It does seem to work with a lot of people though so you should try it on in the store to see if you like it!

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  2. Good morning Lauren – aka BEAUTY HOARDERS UNITE
    i have not tried this one – But u know what – i am finally gonna unpack my stuff from LAST WEEKEND . ahem .
    yeah i Know – serious shame
    and review til I AM BLUE IN the face xo LOL

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  3. Great review! This concealer is always raved about! I have heard though that it might not be the best for under eye circles and that’s what I would really need it for the most. I will just keep using my drugstore concealer by Maybelline lol. 🙂 xo

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