May Playlist

May PlaylistWe are reaching the sixth month of the year… Woah we’re half way there… sorry couldn’t resist. Anyway this month has been a bit of a mix again in terms of my music playlist. As my first year at uni has finally concluded *hallelujah* I haven’t needed to dig out my earphones too much but I have definitely had some background music on the go. This month I have turned back to a favourite of mine: 5 Seconds of Summer or 5SOS. The Australian band released their debut album last year and its hella good. They’ve got quite the Busted style vibe going on, taking me well back to my grand childhood. I have also switched them on as a little preparation for next week as rather excitedly I am going to see them live, woo! I have seen them before when they supported 1D but now I am returning to see them as the main act. I’m pretty damn excited especially since I bought my tickets like a year ago! Also, I have rekindled my love for Mumford and Sons listening to some of their older tracks as well as a little listen into their new stuff. Its pretty good as you would expect if you are a fan of their music. There is also a few other tunes thrown in for good measure which I have also been loving this month.

 What have you been listening to this month? 



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