April Playlist

April PlaylistIts that time of the month again to have a little look into what I have been listening to over the sunny month of April. It’s been a bit of mad mix this month with a couple of throwbacks, a new album discovery and some new upbeat tunes that I cannot help but raise my hands to. The month has been mainly dominated by the wonderfully talented James Bay and this album Chaos and the Calm which is pretty darn fantastic. My faves include Craving, Move Together and Need the Sun to Break, all pretty calming soft tunes that make me want a good guitar lesson or two! A bit of a throwback came from Avril Lavigne, yep I know. I used to listen to Avril back in the day and there is no denying I will always have a space for some of her songs. To round up, there is quite a sad but beautiful one from Labrinth, ‘that’ Sia song, a catchy new one from Meghan Trainor and last but not least that killer remixed version of Omi’s Cheerleader, now that is seriously good stuff!

What have you been listening to this month?




13 thoughts on “April Playlist

  1. Omg I also have Avril in my playlist. And Meghan, Sia too!! I think I’ll check out those songs on your playlist since these days I want to listen to new songs but dont know where to start. Recently I’ve been into Zedd, Calvin, Ellie Goulding (yupp those 3) and Lola Blanc (she has many great catchy songs) and also Iggy because her songs inspire me a lot when working out 😀

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    • I’m glad to help, the playlist is a pretty good mix, some upbeat and other more softer tunes. I’ve never heard of Lola Blanc, I will need to give her a listen! I love the others you mentioned too!

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  2. Gonna listen to this while I do my assignment! I’ve been really loving James Bay at the moment, also Ariana Grandes new album. Favourite song at the moment is “I would do anything for you” by Foster the People as it’s so upbeat and happy. xx

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    • Awesome! Yeah I am really loving James Bay, he is amazing! I’ve not fully listened to Ariana’s album, only a few tracks! I don’t think I’ve heard that Foster the People song, I will need to check it out 🙂


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