Chanel Tenderly

Chanel Tenderly


Chanel Tenderly Spring 2015When it comes to nail polish I tend to stick to cheaper brands like Barry M and Essie thinking there was no chance I would ever buy anything pricey for my nails. Knowing me however who said that years ago about makeup, I have now went down the same route with nails unfortunately. After seeing this gorgeous polish on Lily Pebbles’ blog I fell in love with a slight temptation but £18 for a nail polish was just a bit too far. Then I really suffered the temptation when the lovely Jacqueline from A Vibrant Day posted about this and got my totally in the mood for a little Chanel splurge. So thank you Jacqueline for getting me in to bad habits now haha!

This shade is part of the Chanel Spring 2015 collection and is the perfect unique shade for Spring. Its a Mauve-y plum-y taupe toned polish that is perfect for transitioning into the warmer season. This is such a ‘me’ shade, I love dark nails and when it comes to Spring and Summer I don’t quite like going so vibrant so this is the perfect kinda dark but also appropriate for warm kinda days nail polish (did that make any sense!?).

When it comes to the formula of Chanel nail colours, I haven’t heard much good about them. I have heard about them usually chipping and the formulas not being incredibly long lasting but from what I’ve heard on this beauty it is the complete opposite and I totally agree! The formula is quite thin and watery so does need a couple of coats to get the colour pay off. I’ve worn this polish a couple of times since buying it and it hardly chips during wear and lasted me a good week. Whether I’ll be splurging on another shade from Chanel, I’m not so sure but I am pretty glad I did with this one. It is one beautiful shade!

Have you tried Chanel nail polishes?



14 thoughts on “Chanel Tenderly

  1. That colour is absolutely gorgeous! I just love purple shades! I’m quite sad to part with them for something ‘prettier’ throughout the summer. In fact, I don’t think I will haha! I’m exactly the same though, never find it in my to splurge on an expensive nail varnish, with my job it always chips off so there’s not really much point. But a week staying power is rather tempting!!

    kim xx

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    • It is such a pretty shade and this shade would work perfectly for the warmer weather despite having slightly darker tones to it. The lasting power is pretty good and it also helps with a good top coat too 🙂


  2. Hooray, lauren! It looks beautiful on you!! Anne and I were talking about how fun it would be to do a tag called A Blogger Made Me Buy It. These are so many things in my collection that were blogger-influenced purchases. Lol. I’m just glad you love Tenderly!!

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