February Playlist


Another month, another music playlist. This month’s playlist was pretty much dominated by two albums from McBusted and Kodaline. I’m going to see McBusted live next month for the second time *excited dance* and I only got round to listening to their album this month and I love it! The album is very heavily Busted style so if you were a Busted fan you’ll like this! Being a huge Kodaline fan I was super ecstatic for their new album Coming up for Air and I’ve been listening to this non-stop throughout the month. I was a huge fan of their first album In a Perfect World which is one of my favourite albums ever so I had high expectations for the new album. So far so good, I am really loving Honest and The One but I don’t think this album will ever live up to their first one as it has quite a different sound nevertheless I still think its great! There is also a catchy number from Maroon 5 in there, the video for that one is great too!

What have you been listening to this month? 


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