Fave Pins: Hairspiration

HairspirationAlongside my obession with white interiors, hair is the next hit on my Pinterest list. If there is ever one place to get inspired and have that ‘lets do it’ feeling its Pinterest. In the later end of 2014 I started to work more with my difficult frizzy and puffy curls and even took a trip to the hairdressers for the first time in ages to get a little colour. This year I am looking to get more stuck in and appreciate my hair which made my New Year Resolutions list.

The sad reality is that I’m never going to get the desired locks that I wish for but a little improvement doesn’t go a miss. My hair is quite the awkward length at the minute falling to just over the length of the blonde girl’s hair in the image above. I would like my hair a tad shorter and I would kill to have the perfect tousled wave look. I’m getting bored of straightening my hair daily and a subtle wave is what I’m aiming for. Think Alexa Chung (hair goddess) just a tad longer. Basically my ultimate hair goal is the top right of this image. I want choppy ends, tousled and textured waves, is that too much to ask for!? I’m currently trying out loads of hair products for texture, frizz free and pretty much everything, if you want to recommend any hair products that you love I would love to hear!

Who is your hairspiration? Check out my hair Pinterest board here!

Image sources: top left; top right; bottom left; bottom right


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