The Versatile Blogger Award

untitledHey there, I was very kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Becca at BeckInABlog, Thank you very much 🙂 It really means a lot to be recognised by others for my blogging efforts so thank you! Also if you haven’t already then check out Becca’s lovely blog!

Anyway here are the rules of the award:

1. Show the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 blogs.

5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Seven Facts about me:

1. I have a slight obsession with One Direction but I mean who doesn’t, right!?

2. I really want a little dog, I am no good with naming types of dogs so I’m sticking to ‘little dog’. Living with my parents is a tad tricky though as (1) Mother is not a fan of any pet of any sort and (2) my dad is allergic. So my future furry friend may have to wait a while.

3. My ultimate life goal is to go to Paris. I’ve always wanted to go but still never been *sadface*

4. Sunday dinners are the worst dinners of the week (in my opinion). Sorry I just am not one for a roast dinner!

5. I would happily live in IKEA if I could.

6. When I was younger I always wanted to be a fashion designer, this changed when I did design in school when I realised I was absolutely useless at sewing and all that stuff. Nevertheless I would still love to work in the fashion industry, just not doing the practical stuff!

7. I am terrible at Maths.

Apologies if those facts were pretty boring!

My nominations are: 

Clare’s Beauty

Caryl Almelor

Plus+ Beauty


Beauty by Brooke LeAnne



Making it Up

Fashion for Lunch

A casual beauty


Confetti and Curves

The Glasgow Girl

Which Beauty Box UK

Leah’s Fashion Blog

Anyway thanks again to Becca for nominating me 🙂 Also if I nominated you then don’t feel pressured into posting this on your blog as I understand that many of you may have received this award before or whatever, so its up to you 🙂





8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on your award Lauren! And thank you sooooo muh for the nomination I will definitely get round to doing this post also! 😊




  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout! ❤
    I would also live in IKEA! 😛 i love to spend ages in there but my boyfriend's always dragging me around saying I take too long! I just love all the little storage stuff and the candles! haha.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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