Benefit Tinted Lip Balms


IMG_5114I can’t be the only one suffering from a case of winter chapped lips!? My lips have really gotten bad in the cold weather recently and I had been looking for the right solution. After piling on the layers of Vaseline and EOS, I was still having no luck. As I have being wearing quite a lot of bold lipsticks recently its important I don’t have dry patchy lips or they will just show through so I needed a good balm to keep them moisturised. I then pondered upon the Benefit balms…and god was I in luck!

These lip balms cost £14.50 each which is quite pricey for just a tinted lip balm but I was gonna do it anyway! Although as part of the Christmas Benefit range they have a “Sweet Tintations” set which includes two full sized balms and medium sized cheek tints for an amazing price of £19.50! So of course I went with this super deal instead picking up two balms. I am so impressed with these lip balms. For a lip balm they have really great pigmentation so look great on their own. I love the fact that they come in a lipstick style bullet applicator, it just looks better and is so much easier to apply imo. Although the most impressive part of these balms is the hydration factor. I put the Bene-balm on under my lipstick and my lips felt so hydrated and moisturised for hours, they are so long lasting and make your lips feel incredible.

Another amazing product by Benefit and definitely my favourite lip balm product. The Sweet Tintations set is also a great gift idea for Christmas!

Have you tried the Benefit balms?


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