Ed Sheeran Live

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Happy Monday everyone 🙂 Before I dive into the post today I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who follows me as I have now reached 200 followers! Thanks so much, it might not be a crazy amount but it means a lot that someone actually reads my blog haha, and also if you guys have any requests for posts please comment or fill in the contact form here, it really helps thanks 🙂

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I got to go and see one of my favourite artists perform live. It was of course ‘Ginger Jesus’ himself Ed Sheeran. I have been a huge fan of Ed since his first album which is amazing and I only now got to go and see him live for the first time and he was incredible! If you haven’t listened to his second album ‘X’ then please do its fantastic and also check out the music video of Thinking Out Loud which is my favourite song of his, its so perfect – wedding dance material over here! In terms of the concert, it was very different to any one I’ve previously been to. Most of the shows I’ve attended have been a huge crazy affair with lights and visuals and a whole band of performers but with Ed, it was just him on the stage with his guitar. I don’t know how he does it but that man with just a guitar was truly amazing, there was no need for anything else. What a guy!

Are you a fan of Ed?



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