My Halloween Costume

IMG_4779[1]IMG_4808Hello everyone, Happy Halloween (a day late sorry) Anyway I hope you all had a good day whatever you did and I just wanted to share my costume for this year. I am hoping you have guessed from the picture that I indeed dressed up as Mary Poppins. It was a pretty simple outfit – I just teamed a white shirt with a black skater skirt and a red bow tie. Along side that I also added of course the black umbrella (which was pretty necessary last night considering it was raining – good choice I tell myself!) and the black hat. I used my River Island bowler hat and added a daisy headband from Claire’s and attached red pom poms which I got from Paperchase. I also put my hair into a bun at the side and went for a simple makeup look with black winged eyeliner and red lipstick. What did you wear for Halloween?


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