Pick of the Month: October 2014



I have recently been going crazy over my new tartan plimsolls from River Island. I had been looking at buying a pair of these cute and comfy plimsolls for a while but I was indecisive between plain black or the bold tartan. And then I decided of course I am going to get the tartan ones, perfect for fall. However I did nearly buy both pairs.. oh. Anyway I picked these up on a great deal, getting them for 20% off the £20 price tag for a sweet £16 all due to the neat 20% offer from last month’s Elle magazine. I have been wearing these pretty much everyday since I bought them and they are very comfortable and just add that finishing touch to my outfit. I will be honest .. I am still considering that second pair of plimsolls!

So are you crazy for plimsolls like me?

P.S I recently started uni so I do apologize if my posting is lacking occasionally, I will try my best 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pick of the Month: October 2014

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