Soap and Glory Archery: Review



IMG_3554My eyebrows are a mess. They really are. You might be one of those people who was naturally gifted with sleek brows or you might be like me with seriously untidy slugs on your face. I had seen so many positive reviews on Soap and Glory’s Archery eye brow tint and shaping pencil that I really couldn’t resist picking it up in my last shopping trip in a bid to neaten up my messy brows. Boots had a great buy one get one half price deal on S&G products meaning I picked up this at a neat £5 rather than its £10 price tag. The product has two sides, one the brow tint pen and the other a shaping crayon.

IMG_3519My not so lovely eyebrows (Before).

IMG_3521So to use this product you start with the pen tint side and brush on the tint over your eyebrow to fill in the colour.

IMG_3523My eyebrow after using the tint pen.

IMG_3529Then its time for the other side, the crayon to shape the eyebrow.

IMG_3534And Voila! (left eyebrow: archery look, right eyebrow: no product)

So if you are like me with incredibly messy brows I definitely recommend this product. As you can see while my eyebrows could do with a bit of plucking they look a lot better than before. The product is incredibly simple to use and apply and still allows your brows to look natural. Great product!

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