Elie Saab: Spring 2014 RTW

Its quite sad at this time as Fashion Week is coming to a close however usually in these last few days Paris puts on some spectacular shows. Yesterday saw the prestigious Elie Saab collection take to the runway which has been the moment I have been looking forward to the most during fashion week. This man does it again, again and again, there is never a time were I could fault an Elie Saab collection in any way as each piece is always tailored and embellished to absolute perfection and this collection is no exception. It was described as ‘A Lace Garden’ and it matched that to a tee with rosy pinks, flower embellishments and a floral print. There was a nice variety within the collection with cute flowing summer dresses, red carpet looks and formal work-wear. The collection was nicely complete with a selection of black lace dresses somehow taking on the underwear for outerwear trend. Overall a beautiful collection! Below are some pieces from the collection. What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at Style.com

Elie Saab 1 Elie Saab 2 Elie Saab 3 Elie Saab 4Credit to Style.com for images.

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