Mary Katrantzou: Spring 2014 RTW

Milan Fashion Week may be in full swing but before I jump on that ship its time to rewind back to London and take a look at one of my favorite designers. If you have followed this blog for a while you may have seen I have posted quite a few times on collections by Mary Katrantzou and I do always seem to go on about how much I truly admire this woman’s work! And yet again I am at it again. I can never ever fault Katrantzou as her strong digital print designs always make her stand out from the rest as an unique designer. The collection started with a variety of pieces sporting prints related to shoes with eyelets and laces. As the collection went on there was a variety of ruffled baby-doll dresses showing the typical silhouette and structure that Katrantzou goes for. Overall not my favorite of Mary Katrantzou but again a brilliant collection and yet again I can’t wait to see what she is offering next time too!  Below are some pieces from the collection. What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at

Mary Katrantzou 1 Mary Katrantzou 2 Mary Katrantzou 3 Mary Katrantzou 4Credit to for images.


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