Elie Saab:Couture Fall 2013

Paris Fashion Week came to a stunning close yesterday with the final Fall 2013 Couture collections taking to the runway. I have to admit there was a lot of excitement about yesterdays show for myself as one of  my favorite designers was back on the runway who of course is the fantastic Elie Saab.  This man never fails to impress with another after another spectacular collection and this time was no exception. Looking at the collection for the first time I was actually speechless, I have never seen such a perfect collection of clothes. It is always likely that looking at any designer collection you may find at least one piece of clothing that you are not fond of but for this Elie Saab collection I cant actually criticize any piece of clothing as every piece is pure perfection. The collection was royalty with a colour theme of ruby, emerald, and sapphire and gowns were sparkling with fine bead-work and embellishments.  With these exquisite designs I really do wish I was a famous celebrity so I could have the opportunity to strut my stiff in one of these gowns on the red carpet. This man is the wonder of fashion and completely in a league of his own. Spectacular. Are you a fan of this collection ? To see all the runway shots go to Style.com.  Credit to Style.com for images. P.S Happy Fourth of July to you all!!

Elie Saab 1 Elie Saab 2 Elie Saab 3 Elie Saab 4

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