London Fashion Week:Mary Katrantzou Fall 2013 RTW

After gaining support from the British Fashion Council Mary Katrantzou has had a surge in success with her collection. Known for her prints, this collection is no exception showing what Katrantzou does best. This collection appears dark and the main prints in the collection show dark nights with streetlights and benches on a misty night. One thing that is very noticeable in this collection that contrasts with her previous collections is the lack in bold colour that we are used to seeing in her designs. This collection mainly has a monochrome palette running through it with colour taking a back-seat this time round and having the structure and shape of the designs as the main focus in order to take the collection forward. In my opinion this collection is not my favorite as one thing I have always liked about her was her use in bold coloured prints however obviously this is missing this time round which I believe brings the collection down however saying that I still think Mary Katrantzou is a fantastic designer and the attention she pays to prints is at a very high level. Here below are some shots from the runway show. Are you a fan of this collection ? To see all the runway shots go to Credit to for images.

Mary Katrantzou 1 Mary Katrantzou 2 Mary Katrantzou 3 Mary Katrantzou 4

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