London Fashion Week:Issa Spring 2013 RTW

I’m running a little late with my posts so i will just post one for LFW. A British favorite especially with the Duchess of Cambridge is Issa which caused a storm in Fashion after Kate Middleton wore of course her iconic blue wrap dress for the announcement of her engagement which was of course from the Issa collection. Issa are very popular for its colour pop and this collection is no exception with bold yellows, reds and blues and pretty much any color you can name. This collection was full of halterneck gowns in every colour, japanese flower inspiration loud patterned jumpsuits. This collection is quite different from the others i have seen at NWFW were pops of color were not to be seen with monochrome and muted hues taking over the runway although it seems Daniella Helayel has stuck grounded to herself and produced a collection known to her.Below are some pictures from the show. The rest of the collection can be seen at What do you think of this collection ? Follow on twitter @4everfash . Credit to for images.

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