Best Dressed of the Academy Awards 2012

Last night was the biggest award event of the year ; it was the Oscars ! There is always so much anticipation over who will win what but another question that is on everyones minds is ‘Who will .. be wearing’ and last night we finally got to see all the celebs dressed to perfection. There was a lot of winners but still a lot of sinners. So lets stay positive first here is my favorite 3 looks of the night.  What do you think ? Who was your favorite of the night ? Credit to Daily Mail (Getty Images, Splash and Reuters) for images.
























My first favorite is Jessica Chastain wearing Alexander McQueen. I love this dress ! Its so beautifully designed with its gold hand-embroidered bodice and design. One of the things i love the most about this look is that i think the black and gold colours of the dress go perfect with her red hair its just amazing. The attention of this look is obviously on the very detailed dress so Jessica has kept the accessories to a minimum with simple bangles and drop earrings.
























Another one of my favorites is Michelle Williams wearing Louis Vuitton. I just love Michelle Williams she dresses so ladylike but with a modern twist which suits her so well. This coral-red gown has a peplum waist with a red band and silver bow giving it that cute side. It also has a lovely ruffling skirt which is just beautiful. Her hair and makeup has been done so neat and simple but perfect for the dress. She has also kept to a simple silver chain necklace and pink clutch to add more to the look but it is keeping it just right.























And Finally last but not least is Milla Jovovich wearing Elie Saab. 2 words : Hollywood Glamour , This is glamorous; Perfect sweeped back brunette hair, red lipstick , silver jewelery and a simple but stunning white gown. I don’t even know what to say its just gorgeous.



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