Worst Dressed of the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012

Well with every best dressed list comes a worst dressed list (unfortunately) and sadly there is always a number of celebs who have come wearing something out their trashcan. Here is my pick of the 3 Worst Dressed at the SAG Awards on Sunday. Credit to omg.yahoo, marieclaire and mix1065.fm.radio.com for images.





















This is Busy Phillips if you have no idea of who she is like i did until i seen her and this ghastly outfit. This blue-purpleish number was definitely not suitable for an award show and looked a lot like something you would wear down the beach = not a good look !! Thats all i have to say !


Another one on my worst dressed list is Jessica Chastain who again i have no idea of who she is until now obviously. Seems like its always the unknown in the worst dressed section , must be trying to pave their way into the spotlight.. This dress an be easily described in one word that is = BORING! Who would turn up to a glitzy event wearing something that looked like a free blanket you got off a plane with a U shape cut out to add some form of effect which it doesnt!

And last but not least is someone who i have actually heard of – Surprise Shock Horror !!  Its actress Zoe Saldana wearing a Givenchy Couture gown. It may be high fashion but its low in the scale of looking good. It just looks terrible and especially cheap due to the underlay of a tank top underneath her dress

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