Fashion Debate: Is the Duchess of Cambridge dressing too old ?

Kate Middleton’s style is something that divides us all – some say she looks amazing and is a style icon while others say she dresses like a 40 year old but what do you think ? To be honest when i saw this picture of her (below) at a charity gala this week i have to say she does look like she is in her late 30s or early 40s when actually she is only 29 ! If you think of the way celebrities who are older than her like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce dress – its completely different  – now i’m not saying she should strut about with Hermes Birkin bags in a skin tight revealing Herve Leger dress with 6inch Louboutins on but not any other 29 year old or someone around that age with the her same usual v-neck wrap dresses aging her at least 10 years. Her weight also seems to be a problem as in this picture you can tell how skinny she is and that the dress just hangs on her and if she put on more weight she would wear clothes better and her face would be more fuller that would make her look younger rather than older than she really is. So do you agree or do you differ ? Credit to Daily Mail (Theo Wood) for images.

One thought on “Fashion Debate: Is the Duchess of Cambridge dressing too old ?

  1. She dresses ‘safely’ and ‘conservatively’ which is expected of her status and is probably what her advisors tell her – as for her weight, she’ll unlikely gain any because then she won’t have the hollywood figure and apparently won’t be as photogenic. I don’t agree with that, but this way there is less likely to be unflattering candids of her. Her image is supposed to be ‘perfect’ after all.

    I’ve never bothered to think twice about her, or comment on anything related to her (I think the royals are some of the biggest parasites and benefit spongers out there) but I just want to say that if the public paid less attention to her she might be able to relax on her image a bit.


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