Best of Paris Fashion Week S/S 12

As I said yesterday here is the Best of Paris Fashion Week. Overall looking at NY, London,Milan and Paris i have to say each were equally good and they all had uniqueness and amazing-ness which i loved. I honestly can’t say which week i preferred before they were all so good but Paris Fashion Week had some breathtaking designs. The top designer labels took to the runway including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior but where they the star of the show ? Hover over images for designer. Credit to for images.

Favorite Looks of PFW


















Favorite Collection  

This was a hard decision as there was quite a few that i really liked but i had to choose Elie Saab. I loved the colour choices and of course his stunning award-ceremony worthy dresses . The colours starting with neutrals in peachy and cream tones and then leaded onto bright mustard and green which i really liked. I can’t say anything more except the collection was just stunning!

Favorite Underdog  

I had to choose Collette Dinnigan. I have to admit i had never heard of her until now (obviously) but i love her collection. The collection features a wide variety of gorgeous dresses including long gowns and little lace numbers perfect for all different occasions.

Favorite Trend 

One trend stood out for me the most in pfw and that was lace. A lot of the looks from the Spring 2012 runway showed ladylike inspired pieces with fine quality and detail including lace which playing a big part in a lot of the pieces from the runway shows.  I am definitely looking forward to see these lace pieces hit the shops!

What do you think ? What was your favorite of Paris Fashion Week ?

P.S All above opinions are my own. We all have different opinions on things so no one needs to agree with me but i hoped you like it 🙂

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