Best of Milan Fashion Week S/S 12

Fashion Week feels like its being whizzing past so quickly so instead of me doing another post on it i thought i would skip to the chase and reveal what i personally liked the best about MFW but if you want to see the collections previewed at MFW then you’re best looking at where you can find all the collections. There was many top designers at MFW but where they they top dog .. ? Hover over images for designer. Credit to for images.

Favorite Looks of MFW

Favorite Collection 

My favorite collection has to be Moschino Cheap and Chic. Its just so fun and childlike with its interesting and unique designs. I love it !!

Favorite Underdog 

My favorite underdog in MFW  had to be Antonio Marras. Its not a designer i had heard of but i loved the collection and that is way it made my favorite underdog. I loved the colours and the prints it was a fun but grown-up collection which i really liked.

Favorite Trend 

My favorite trend isn’t just appeared at MFW but it also made appearances at LFW and NYFW  and its ladylike. Yip ladylike! It made quite a lot of appearances and it also showed a hint of it at the Antonio Marras show which was my Favorite Underdog ( above) The trend isn’t as you may think it as, its ladylike with a modern twist so forget the old grandma pencil skirt its took a new but refreshing twist ! 🙂

What do you think ? What was your favorite of Milan Fashion Week ?

P.S All above opinions are my own. We all have different opinions on things so no one needs to agree with me but i hoped you like it 🙂

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