A-Z of Fashion. E- ELLE Magazine

ELLE is the world’s biggest fashion magazine. It was founded in France in 1945 by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon. In the 1960s it had 800,000 readers and a famous slogan  ‘Si elle lit elle lit Elle’ translating to If she reads, she reads Elle. But in 1981 the magazine struggled but after a while it soon launched in the US and then went to 25 other foreign countries. It now has  42 international editions in over 60 countries.  73 percent of readers have subscriptions with the magazine with the rest  purchasing single issues.  There are 27 Elle websites around the world, which attracts over 1 million visitors and 26 million page views each month. Elle has over 4.8 million readers. The majority being the ages of 18 and 49.  Many stars have graced the cover of ELLE including Taylor Swift,Katy Perry(below),Megan Fox and a lot more. Source:Wikipedia Image:Rightcelebrity(Elle)

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